Kaizen (pronounced ky’ zen) is the relentless quest for a better way, for higher quality. The kaizen philosophy is a foundation Brian Anderson practices himself and builds on with his clients. Continuous improvement offers some of the best insurance for both your career and your organization.

Brian Anderson hires achievers. If your organization needs an executive with extensive experience in the selection and recruitment of personnel, you need to talk with Brian. The combined expertise of selection, interviewing, recruiting and matching talent to positions has been Brian Anderson’s passion and vocation for over two decades. Brian understands that in a true win-win, a candidate’s natural talents align, match and seamlessly fit with the work and skill set needed by an organization. He understands that an organization can’t improve unless its people do.

Brian Anderson is a registered corporate coach and certified selection expert who also provides a suite of other services that include but are not limited to: executive coaching, career coaching and retail consulting. He has developed sales training programs, implemented mystery-shopping programs and built visual management tools to enhance brand awareness. Brian is a skilled facilitator, a thought provoking speaker and has published several online articles. Before launching his own practice, Brian spent over two decades leading, coaching and building high performance teams.