After the attacks of 9/11, tens of thousands of people joined TSA to strengthen our transportation systems and ensure the freedom of movement. Today, we are still fiercely committed to our mission and our country.

Our Mission is to protect the nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.

It is our vision to act as an agile security agency, embodied by a professional workforce, that engages its partners and the American people to outmatch a dynamic threat. Our impact on national security is unquestionable.

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Career Paths

At TSA we are committed to Ensuring Safe Travels.
If you are looking to build a rewarding career and serve your country, you’ve come to the right place. TSA offers opportunities for a wide range of candidates — whether you’re an experienced business professional, recent college or high school graduate, or transitioning military personnel.

TSA offers many different career paths:

Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) are the face of the agency and the people on the frontlines. They are responsible for screening passengers, baggage and cargo to keep our transportation systems safe. In addition to the TSO role, there are many security positions that create opportunities for a long, fulfilling career.

Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and Federal Air Marshals (FAMs) detect, deter and defeat hostile acts against aviation and other modes of transportation.. FAMs work under a covert status and are deployed on passenger flights worldwide and at other locations across the United States..

Mission Support
Within Mission Support, there is a variety of management, administrative and professional opportunities (MAP). Located at TSA’s headquarters or in the field, these positions exist in departments like intelligence, finance and budget, IT, human resources, training, contracts and acquisitions, legal counsel and more.    

At home and abroad, our executive division implements TSA’s vision and values. Many of these senior leaders started their careers at TSA and use that knowledge to improve and evolve the agency.

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TSA’s greatest asset is our people. We offer a comprehensive federal benefits package to provide our employees with the best possible options throughout their career. Some of our great benefits include:

Health: With the widest selection of health plans in the country, you can choose the coverage that fits the needs of you and your family. Our health plans include options for dental and vision.

Paid Time Off: All employees of TSA are eligible to accrue paid time off for vacation and sick leave. The annual leave rate is based on tenure, career level, and hours worked.

Training & Development: Depending on position, TSA employees are immersed in extensive training programs and given a network of trusted resources so they may grow into confident, knowledgeable professionals. Many positions at TSA do not require any experience!

Overtime and Holiday Pay: TSA employees are eligible for 10 paid federal holidays each year. Employees are also eligible for overtime and shift differential pay based on position.

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