Company Overview
Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, ACRT, Inc. is the leading utility vegetation management (UVM) consulting company that proactively prevents and rapidly resolves utility problems associated with power transmission and distribution. We are the largest independent UVM consulting and training company in the nation.
By partnering with ACRT, utilities gain objective, comprehensive insights into how to enhance their electric transmission and distribution, identify and remove liabilities associated with vegetation and improve relations with their customers.

We assess and monitor utility systems for vegetation liabilities and storm preparedness, consult with utility decision-makers on planning and budgeting, represent utilities to both customers and regulators, and train our personnel to be knowledgeable, safety-focused industry leaders.

We do all this and more to keep utilities in power over the integrity of their systems and their public image.
Company Summary
ACRT, Inc.
Number of Employees
(800) 622-2562
4500 Courthouse Boulevard
Stow, OH